Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I usually post on Wednesdays. I've been in a pretty good groove about that the past six months or so, including queuing my friend Pat's post for the week I was on vacation.

I won't be posting tomorrow.

In fact, none of my blog is going to be visible tomorrow. I'm joining up with a whole bunch of other sites and going dark for tomorrow in protest of SOPA. A whole bunch of people have made more cogent arguments as to why it's bad than I have, and you can read some of them here and here. Wikipedia explains why it's going dark here. Read quickly, though: you only have three hours until it's down for the day.


  1. "cuing"? Perhaps you mean "queuing". ;)

    1. Super-secret second reason: I have a crazy fever and no idea what I'm actually saying, and realized I should not write in this condition.