Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Half Price Chocolate Day

Today is one of two iterations of my favourite holiday of the year: Half Price Chocolate Day. The other is November first. Apparently there are other holidays preceding these two days, for which people pay full price for chocolate. I do not understand this logic, and will comfort myself for my lack of understanding with offensive quantities of chocolate for which I paid very little money.

Oh, right, I also have a guest post up on my friend Patrick Thunstrom's blog. It's about linguistics and word choice again, since that's one of my favourite topics. If you like that sort of rambling, you should also check out Speaking Human, the irregularly-updating sociology, linguistics and signalling blog I contribute to.

Tumblr is something I've been getting more involved in recently, though my initial impressions of it still stand: it's much more functional as a tool for connecting and getting involved in a community than it is as a tool for sending forth material into the world. Blogger's archives are significantly more easily navigable unless you are tracking a specific tag on a specific tumblr. Once you're caught up, though, I find Tumblr's dashboard much nicer than Blogger's Reading List. This could be simply because the only time I look at the Reading List is when I'm on Blogger's back end, instead of on Google Reader.

They are definitely different modes of communication. If you're thinking about starting your own, or an additional, blog, I'd recommend examining your goals and your style as well as all the options out there.

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