Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pacific Northwest

I spent this last weekend trekking fabulously through the Victoria Steampunk Expo then down to Port Angeles and thence to Seattle and back to Vancouver and then home. In three days. I think. It was a great deal of fun. Working inside most of the day, I don't tend to appreciate what a gorgeous corner of the continent I live on.

Met Christine Hart at the Steampunk Expo, though didn't realize we were both in the Victoria Writer's Society until Monday when I came back and she'd found me on DeviantArt. It's a wonderfully small community out here.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Reading Lists

So, I am in a discussion with someone of Wuthering Heights; I've been to the home of the Bronte sisters, and have read about them, and analysis of their work - I've even read her sister's great work, Jane Eyre. But I've never read Wuthering Heights.

I'm realizing I am not all that well-read in general; I've read The Great Gatsby, and The Jungle, and The Yellow Wallpaper, and a few other classics, and I've seen the BBC versions of every Jane Austen novel as well as attempting to read Emma. But somehow I slipped by all that required reading, A Clockwork Orange and Lord of the Flies and all those other books people of letters have read.

So I'm going to attempt to rectify the situation, with aid from Time, The Best 100 lists, and these blogs. Even with overlap, that is probably well over 100 books. I'm going to compile the total list and add another page to list all of them, so I can check them off as I read them. The goal will be to read all of them.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Island Writer Magazine

The launch for the Summer 2010 edition of Island Writer was this last Wednesday. It was my first launch; I was on vacation during the last one, and it was also my first launch as a member of the editorial staff. I was and am the editorial assistant for the magazine, and it's a tremendous learning experience for me, seeing exactly what goes into a publication. I was also lucky enough with this issue to have two illustrations included. At the launch I got the meet the author of one of the stories I illustrated, Judith Mackay, and that was wonderful, to actually meet the person whose work I worked with. I hadn't even spoken to her before that, except in form letters sent in my capacity as editorial assistant.
This issue was also the last issue for the editor in chief I worked with, Stacey Curtis. She's spent the last several issues as the editor, and is moving on to other projects. She was wonderful to work with; creative, open to input on the technical side (we used Google Docs for some stages, which was a great and easy way to get everyone the files), and patient of my inevitable mistakes.
I met several of the new editorial staff at the launch, as well, and am looking forward to working with them on the next issue, coming out in December.