Saturday, May 15, 2010

Reading Lists

So, I am in a discussion with someone of Wuthering Heights; I've been to the home of the Bronte sisters, and have read about them, and analysis of their work - I've even read her sister's great work, Jane Eyre. But I've never read Wuthering Heights.

I'm realizing I am not all that well-read in general; I've read The Great Gatsby, and The Jungle, and The Yellow Wallpaper, and a few other classics, and I've seen the BBC versions of every Jane Austen novel as well as attempting to read Emma. But somehow I slipped by all that required reading, A Clockwork Orange and Lord of the Flies and all those other books people of letters have read.

So I'm going to attempt to rectify the situation, with aid from Time, The Best 100 lists, and these blogs. Even with overlap, that is probably well over 100 books. I'm going to compile the total list and add another page to list all of them, so I can check them off as I read them. The goal will be to read all of them.

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