Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I just realized I forgot to update today. That's probably going to be a recurring theme for the next few weeks: we're just putting this issue of Island Writer to bed, with all the attendant organizing of the launch and making sure we get the number of copies we need. I'm also making my own Halloween costume - Batwoman - and I'm horribly behind on that.

Also, as of November 7, I'll be starting an Emergency Medical Responder class, which will be three weeks of what I'm informed will be lots and lots of studying. I'm already reading my textbooks to not get too far behind on that.

Oh, and I'll also still be working weekends.

And attempting the National Novel Writing Month challenge, because I'm apparently insane.

So I'm not going to be posting every Wednesday for the next while: hopefully I'll still be posting some, but I can't guarantee I'll even be at my computer until December 3 at the earliest, that being the day after the launch of Island Writer.

Hope to see you all at the launch!

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