Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Island Writer Launch

Island Writer is now available for free download here:

The launch went very well. We had a lovely evening of readings from our contributors. One of the interesting things that came out with the readings that wasn't as apparent when we were putting together the magazines was how dark a lot of the stories were: we'd joked at our editing meetings about a common thread of police involvement and hard liquor, but it was quite prominent hearing them aloud that a lot of our contributors had really gone for the gritty side of life for this issue.

This also marked the first time Island Writer has gone digital, so I hope everyone takes advantage of it to read the fantastic stories and poems within.

Reading list
Judy Burgess - A is for Arthur
Lee-Anne Stack - The Bouquet
Daryl Baswick - Rainbow Park
Cathy Van Elslande - Gee Whiz
Laura - Tokyo Experience
Judith Castle - Doll
Derek Peach - a birthday poem that was not published
Ulrike Narwani - After The Opera on Humboldt St
Sheila Martindale - Under Police Escort

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