Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I had, until tonight, never watched Labyrinth. I've read things about it, seen meta discussions of it, and been subjected to pictures of David Bowie's hair from it, but I had not seen the thing itself.

Since it's rather ridiculously late at night, I figured I may as well liveblog it. And by 'liveblog' I mean 'write it up and the queue it for like three weeks from now in case I am lacking in bloggable ideas.'

Seven minutes in, and Sarah is really ridiculously melodramatic. She makes me cringe. Liked the transition in the garden with setting jarring stuff, though.

The goblins are amazingly adorable.

David Bowie's eyebrows are amazing, and I think it's Sarah's voice that I hate.

The Labyrinth itself is really, really neat.

Something I love about the visual medium more than the written one is clothes. Specifically, David Bowie's coat. But also Seneca Crane's beard. Reading about gaudy things and internalizing 'okay, yes, ridiculous and blingy and wasteful' and seeing absurd and fabulous are different things.

It's like the problem of translating Lord of the Rings to film: long passages of the books are encompassed in a single long shot of New Zealand. As a corollary to that, an accurate description of David Bowie's coat would most likely be boring and overdone and ruin the pacing of the story. The coat may be as awesome as the eyebrows.

I had been worried, momentarily, that at the end she would be required in proper bildungsroman fashion to leave childish things like goblins behind at the end of her journey. The dance party is excellent. I am glad she left David Bowie's creepy love/possession thing behind, though.

Dance Magic is possibly my new favourite song.

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